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Real Weddings: Corinne + Dan

Real Weddings: Corinne + Dan


When we first saw Corinne and Dan’s wedding photos, we were blown away! We simply couldn’t decide what we liked most– their wedding style, wedding theme, or their wedding colors! But between their obvious design talent and impeccable sense of style, they created a wonderful celebration filled with sun, positive vibes, and great energy– and of course all while being surrounded by family and loved…

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Sep 5

Bringing Sexy Back: How to Look (and Feel!) Hot on Your Wedding Day!


bringing sexy back


photo courtesy of Victoria’s Secret

Since your wedding day is one of the very rarest of days in your life when you will be completely styled and dressed to the nines, in addition to looking great you’re gonna wanna feel great as well.

So what better time is there to think about  being and feeling sexy than on your wedding day. Think of it this way… your outward appearance will wow the guests,…

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All Tressed Up: Creating Your Wedding Day Hair Style!

All Tressed Up: Creating Your Wedding Day Hair Style!

Black Wedding Hair

The absolute last thing on earth you’ll want for your wedding is to have a bad hair day! So one of the BIGGEST styling questions you’ll have to contend with as your big day approaches is how will you wear your hair? And with so many styles to choose from and so many looks to consider, you may have to spend ample time trying to decide on what’s the best look for you.

Your wedding hairstyle should…

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A Blushing Bride: The Foundation of Wedding Make-Up

A Blushing Bride: The Foundation of Wedding Make-Up

shaddia make-up

“A little bit of powder, and a little bit of paint, can surely make you is what you surely ain’t”

OK, so we kid with you a little bit, but honestly, we all know the express purpose of make-up is to make you look, well simply put, as beautiful as possible! And a good make-up application should accentuate your natural beauty while bringing out your best facial features and their qualities so as…

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Shedding for the Wedding: How to Get Fit for Your Big Day!

Shedding for the Wedding: How to Get Fit for Your Big Day!


Your big moment is fast approaching– you know, the one where all 200 of your closest family and friends gather together to see… well YOU! Now the heat is on: your make-up must be flawless, your dress to die for, and your hair coiffed to perfection! And of course, now is the best time to address the number one obsession among all women— your weight.

It may be that (and if this is true you better…

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Wedding Planning 101: 12 Months of Tasks Until Your Big Day!

Wedding Planning 101: 12 Months of Tasks Until Your Big Day!



Even though one year from your wedding date may seem like an eternity, it’s really in fact, only a stone’s throw away. And with all the important wedding planning that you have to do, you can’t afford to miss one single detail to ensure your day is planned to near perfection!

But how do you know when to do what? Like do you know when you should mail your invites? Or when you should book your…

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Wedding Planning 101: Top 10 “To Do’s” for Your Big Day!

Wedding Planning 101: Top 10 “To Do’s” for Your Big Day!

wedding planning

So… it’s finally here! You got the guy, he got the ring, and now you have to get down the aisle! With so much going on and so much more to do, where do you even begin planning for one of the biggest days of your lives?

So to ease a little of the stress and point you in the right direction, we decided to help you out because that’s what we’re here for!

Here are the top 10 wedding planning “To…

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How to Create a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

How to Create a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

wedding day xxx kit


photo credit: Dana Goodson Photography

You want your wedding day to be as perfect as possible, but minor interruptions during the day’s schedule may throw you a curve ball instead. Whether it’s perfectly coiffed hair that begins to wilt in the heat of a July summer day, 6″ heels blistering your feet, or that rip in your cathedral length wedding veil (gasp!) you got when Uncle Bob stepped on…

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Wedding Registry 101: Top 50 Wedding Gifts

Wedding Registry 101: Top 50 Wedding Gifts


200271182-001I think one of the best, most stress-free parts of planning a wedding is creating your wedding gift registry. Here’s why: it involves gifting and shopping, which, as a pair, are a girl’s second best friend (you know who’s the first!) I mean, what’s better than shopping and having someone else pay for it? OK, I know that’s semi-tacky to admit, but come on, we both know it’s true! And hey,…

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Jun 6

The Second Time Around: Getting Married Again

The Second Time Around: Getting Married Again


o-MIDDLE-AGE-WEDDING-facebook-1So, you’ve decided for the second time now to take the plunge, and this time, it’s right! But, since you’re a little older and wiser and you’ve kinda “been there, done that”, you want to make sure you’re having an “age-appropriate” celebration.

But what exactly does that mean? It’s not like you’re ready for a cane and a hearing aid, but you also feel slightly ridiculous at the notion of perhaps…

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