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Keeping the Peace: How to Avoid a Brawl on Your Wedding Day

Keeping the Peace: How to Avoid a Brawl on Your Wedding Day

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Most often people think arguments that escalate into physical altercations at weddings happen only to “those type of people”. This theory couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is with just a little bit of intoxication coupled with quickly fused tempers, physical fights can happen at ANY wedding among ALL types of people at ANYTIME.

So what do you do? Try and break it up yourselves? Expect…

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How to Avoid an Argument on Your Wedding Day

How to Avoid an Argument on Your Wedding Day


o-ANGRY-BRIDE-facebookArguing with your soon-to-be spouse on your wedding day is probably the last thing you would ever anticipate or expect to happen. But it can happen, very easily I may add, and it has happened to some unfortunate couples. So, since no one else is talking about it, I decided to bring it up and teach you in the process, how to avoid it from happening in the first place.

Between all the stress built…

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Apr 4

Top 10 Ways to Tame Your Inner Bridezilla!

Top 10 Ways to Tame Your Inner Bridezilla!


One thing I’ve learned over the course of wedding planning is that no matter how affable or cheerful our personality, we all have an inner bridezilla that lurks just beneath the surface, waiting for the right time to be unleashed. Planning weddings can create a strange Jekyll-Hyde like alter ego that can rear its ugly head at any time leaving friends and family scratching their heads wondering:…

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Hot Off the Press: Printing Your Wedding Invitations

Hot Off the Press: Printing Your Wedding Invitations



Well we’ve discussed how to build your wedding stationery portfolio, and how to design your wedding invitations, and now, we’re gonna talk printing!

Once your wedding invitations have been designed, paper chosen, and guest list created, the next and (almost) final step is the printing process. There are several different methods you can employ for printing your wedding invites; here we’ll talk…

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Requesting the Honor of Your Presence: Designing Your Wedding Invitations

Requesting the Honor of Your Presence: Designing Your Wedding Invitations


Your wedding invitations are by far, the most important written communication you will have between yourselves and your wedding guests. The wedding invitation formally extends the request for the honor of your guests’ company to celebrate with you on your big day!

So, what’s the best way to design your wedding invitations? Well that, like mostly everything else in your wedding, is strictly a…

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Preparing Your Wedding Stationery Portfolio

Preparing Your Wedding Stationery Portfolio

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Originally posted on The Wedding Blog:


Many of you may not know what a wedding stationery portfolio is, which of course would explain why you’re reading this post, right? Well, a wedding stationery portfolio is just a couple of fancy words we use to describe all of the paperie created and used for the communications around your wedding event that are sent to your guests.

So to make things…

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Mar 7

Creating Your Wedding Reception Dinner Menu

Creating Your Wedding Reception Dinner Menu


Stults Wedding Menu DetailWell now we get to the fun part of all this talk of wedding meals– creating the menu! We’ve already covered choosing your caterer, and deciding on your dinner style, so last but not least, let’s get to the best part and discuss what exactly will be the scrumptious food fare on your wedding  menu.

In the name of standards, we’re going to talk about developing a menu for family-style, buffet, and…

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Deciding on Your Wedding Dinner Style!

Deciding on Your Wedding Dinner Style!


beverages being served by a waiter

So… When you think of your wedding dinner reception, what comes to mind? A family-style meal with everyone together at a table breaking bread, or maybe white-jacketed waiters bringing each guest their meal, or do you see it more as a cocktail hour, with chicken wings, pigs in a blanket, and sliders, all being served on a silver platter as your guests chat and mingle…

Well, here’s the good news–…

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Selecting Your Wedding Caterer


Los-Angeles-catering-organic-Eco-Caters-1024x680Everyone likes, OK, loves to eat. Whether you’re a picky eater with a discerning palette, or very open to trying just about anything, there is something about food that gets us all excited!

That’s why it’s so important to have good food served at your wedding reception. In fact, the food should be down-right terrific! Guests remember great food served at weddings, and talk about bad food long…

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(via Will You Be Mine? Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Wedding!)

(via Will You Be Mine? Planning the Perfect Valentine’s Day Wedding!)